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     This cleaning company were so good the other week, I've already decided to make it a regular thing with . No doubt they'll continue to impress in the future too.
Laura B19/05/2020
     I bought a house that had a lot of thick carpeting. For deep cleaning, I only use this service. The only company that does a great job each and every time.
Charlsie T.20/09/2019
     I'd like to express my great impression of Carpet Cleaning Services Kidbrooke. Their cleaner did amazing work. I strongly suggest that you call this company the next time you need some cleaning done. You will be amazed. I am really pleased there is a company that I can always rely on!
Fred S.21/07/2016
     Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone at KidbrookeCarpetCleaners. They really helped with our move because I don't know what we would have done without them. Even though I thought the house was going to need a bit of cleaning as we left, I wanted to be sure we'd get the deposit back. A friend recommended we try professional end of tenancy cleaning and I have to say, that was a fantastic idea. Really saved us time and, with the money we got back, it's gotten us a great deal. Couldn't be happier!
Lori Bennett05/11/2015
     With my busy schedule I wasn't sure how I could fit a cleaning company in, but I certainly couldn't manage my home cleaning myself! KidbrookeCarpetCleaners help to keep my home in shape, and with their flexible hours it's been really easy to hire them when's best suited me. I'm pleased with the professional and top-quality service, and have yet to find a problem!
L. Kelly29/01/2015
     My roommates are loud and make messes, and I have got to study. So a cheap cleaning service is exactly what I needed. KidbrookeCarpetCleaners took care of the jobs that I have no time for, and that is just great. They were affordable, friendly and did a marvelous job with the place as a whole. Sometimes having to clean up is rage inducing for me, but with the professionals on my side, it turned out to not be a problem. My room-mates and I pooled our resources together and were easily able to afford this fantastic service. I highly recommend them.
Laura L.29/08/2014
     To date, I have hired the upholstery cleaning service, the mattress cleaning service and the general household cleaning services from this company and in each case I have been delighted with the work done. I think this reflects very highly on the company that in each area there's always a certain high level of service it gives. I had already heard good things about KidbrookeCarpetCleaners from a couple of friends of mine but I always like to find things out for myself before praising a company. I feel I can do so now because the all-round service I have received has been exceptional every time.
Dawn Campbell13/08/2014
     I recently moved out of my old flat and to help get my deposit back, I hired KidbrookeCarpetCleaners to do an end of tenancy clean. It was such a low price I couldn't say no to it and when everything was done, it actually looked better than when I first moved in! I loved the work and my cleaner so much that I actually hired her to come and clean my new home weekly. Everything is done to such a high standard and they have such professional attitudes that it's a wonder how they charge you so little.
     The best thing I've found now that my cleaning is handled is that the stress of day to day life is gone. The guys at KidbrookeCarpetCleaners manage to make sure that everything is handled in the best possible fashion. Everything's clean, everything's tidy and I don't have to worry about any of that kind of thing in my day to day life. The time I had spent worrying about it, I can now dedicate to more important things and I am so glad that I gave them a call. If you want an easy time, give them a call.
Robert T.04/06/2014
     I have been using KidbrookeCarpetCleaners for a few weeks now, and whilst I have used many office cleaning companies in the past, I am particularly impressed with these guys! They have been extremely reliable, and always turn up right on time, which is more that I can say for those that I used before them! The cleaning has been of a high standard, and I have been impressed with the fees given how hard the team have been working. An excellent first couple of weeks, and I am looking forward to using them further if this is continued.
Juan W.07/01/2014

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